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The Cyber Liability Program provides small to medium medical practices (having 0-10 licensed medical professionals) with a comprehensive protection program that assists healthcare professionals with everyday questions and issues that arise and relate to the privacy and protection of patient information. The main features and benefits include access to our information web portal with live customer support, together with liability insurance coverage that effectively transfers a significant portion of patient data breach risk away from the practice, all for a nominal cost.

Increasingly, industry vendor contracts and/or state and federal regulations (e.g. Colorado) are requiring Covered Entities to not only protect patient data, but also to procure privacy liability insurance for added protection when a data breach incident actually occurs. The Merchant Cyber Liability Program is a timely and valued solution as it delivers essential benefits over the Internet - very simply – allowing for a price point that’s affordable for even the smallest of contractors and/or Covered Entities.

Policy Details:
  • Limit of Liability: $100,000 per MID/$500,000 per MID
  • Master policy written on an admitted claims made form including prior acts
  • Zero retention
  • Coverage territory is worldwide
  • Claim reporting requirement - within 60 days of first knowledge
  • Eligibility: Level 2, 3 and 4 merchants (Level 1 merchant status excluded)

Coverage Details:
  • PII regulatory action for fines and penalties including PCI
  • Mandatory forensic examination as a result of a suspected or actual breach